Rank atc fs

Sergeant (ATC)

Flight Sergeant (ATC) is a non commissioned rank in the Air Training Corps. Flight Sergeant (ATC) is the second adult NCO rank in the ATC and is immediately below Warrant Officer (ATC).


As part of the adult ranks structure; adults may also be appointed as senior NCOs, these being ranks within the ATC meaning that they are not part of the RAF like the VR(T) Ranks.

ATC NCO Shoulder Title

Adult SNCOs/WOs are uniformed in the same way as their RAF counterparts with two exceptions: a small gilt ATC badge is worn on the rank badge (as shown right) and Warrant Officers (unless they have previous regular warranted service) wear a different rank badge. Until recently, the ranks of adult SNCOs/WOs were Adult Sergeant, Adult Flight Sergeant and Adult Warrant Officer (abbreviated to A/Sgt. A/FS, AWO), however this has been changed since is was not deemed necessary to point out that these NCOs were adults. A Flight Sergeant has more authority than a Sergeant; and a Sergeant has more authority that a Corporal; a Corporal has more authority than a Cadet. The ranks of Adult SNCOs/WOs are now:


Warrant Officer (ATC)

Rank atc wo2

Warrant Officer (ATC)

Rank atc fs

Flight Sergeant (ATC)

Rank atc sgt

Sergeant (ATC)

These are abbreviated to Sgt (ATC), FS (ATC) and WO (ATC) respectively. In conversation, Adult NCOs are often still referred to using the old style ranks, such as Adult Sergeant X, and their ranks are sometimes mistakenly abbreviated according to the old system (i.e. ASgt, AFS or AWO).

Prior to the 'LaSER (London and South East Region) Review' of 2003, the adult ranks of Sergeant and Flight Sergeant did not exist, meaning that the non-commissioned rank structure of a squadron was more straight forward i.e. Cadet, Cadet Corporal, Cadet Sergeant, Cadet Flight Sergeant, Cadet Warrant Officer, Adult Warrant Officer. This has been disturbed by inserting the ranks of Sgt (ATC) and FS (ATC) in between CWO and WO (ATC).

The purpose of creating the ranks Sgt (ATC) and FS (ATC), was to aid in the retention of staff by allowing progression through the ranks and thus creating an incentive to assist in the retention of staff.


Sgt (ATC) and FS (ATC) NCOs will support the WO (ATC) in carrying out their duties on the Squadron and may be expected to assume similar roles and responsibilities where no WO (ATC) is present.